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  • Gift your team the unique experience of an idea sharing platform

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    September 23, 2020

    In the present era digitalization, technology has carved our lives to such an extent that nowadays there is an ongoing craze for knowledge sharing platform amongst corporates. Business entities are increasingly introducing business idea sharing platform to promote the idea of sharing business ideas and information amongst various stakeholders in an organization. A primary objective of such a platform is to remove any existing communication barriers from within the workforce dynamics. The e-ideabox is an effective tool developed by Zaptas Technologies that flexibly reduces the communication gap amongst the workforce at all levels of an organization. It aims to give a unique experience of sharing innovative ideas with others and enhance organizational growth.

    Should you share your business idea?

    No matter whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, sharing your business idea is indeed a great idea. Your idea for a business is what you should be known for, and there is more gaining than a loss in sharing ideas. It reduces biases as well as blind spots as you gain a better understanding of the market and specific needs, and accordingly design an effective solution. As a business idea needs execution, you may likely come across someone who has a similar idea of creating a business but reluctant to take the risk.

    What are the two types of ideas for a new business?

    If you wish to venture on your own, sharing your idea for a new business may be either innovative or commoditized. Innovative ideas are mainly intended for mobile apps as well as websites. It may also include other electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. A positive aspect is that an innovative idea can share and lead the way for others, thereby creating a new market based on the idea of offering a competitive edge. The issue with these ideas is that these are new and no one knows whether they would succeed or fail to have market acceptance. On the other hand, an idea for a new business can be commoditized where it mainly focuses on a service-based business having a local purpose. These businesses survive over a long time without the need for innovation, such as service-based business entities.

    How can I share ideas with others?

    If you wish to make a significant impact at your workplace, here’s an idea for you! An idea-sharing platform is what you might be looking for. An idea sharing platform, when designed and implemented effectively, enhances the ease of sharing ideas. In many organizations, employees organically implement ideas-sharing solutions by supporting each other through, and although it is not enough, it is a great start for them. With a formal idea-sharing platform, the process gets catalyzed effectively to generate remarkable results.

    To conclude, an efficient business idea sharing platform permits an organization to store a huge quantity of valuable information, and also allows easy accessibility by all employees whenever required. The knowledge-sharing platform helps in building an integrated community where individual members cohesive work to form a team and add supportive insights. They also proactively engage in revising previously-shared knowledge or update them whenever required.