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    August 05, 2020

    Idea Sharing Platform

    Empowering Employees to Have the Sense of Responsibility and Companionship

    Overall success and growth of any business is very much dependent on various things like quality of the products and perfection in providing you with the right services. Employees also play a pivotal role in developing new pillars of growth and success. You need something innovative and advanced, where your employees can work in a team, share their thoughts, their business idea and help in moving a step ahead to make your business move on the right track of success. Looking for the right type of idea sharing platform can be helpful way to leave them free to share ideas and be more creative. Choose the right one of your choice, go through the details, know about the features and services offered and get the right and precise solutions


    The best of the organisations worldwide have a process of constant innovation in all the activities they do – product design, product enhancement, work process, pricing, offers, and marketing as well. Innovation has become one of the key ingredients of success in today's competitive world. Innovation can happen when a culture of idea generation happens in all levels of the work specifically the persons who work on the shop floor.

    Vitalize Employees’ Thinking through Advanced Idea Sharing Platform

    idea sharing platform helps in empowering all the employees to have a sense of companionship, responsibility and a lot more. You can use such platform in various ways like idea sharing platform, idea management platform, social intranet platform, corporate social network, staff engagement activities and innovative ideas for companies.

    What is idea sharing?

    Idea sharing is a unique way wherein all the stakeholders of the organisation handhold each other’s idea and thereafter they are

    ●      Discussed

    ●      Analysed

    ●      Tested

    ●      Results studied and corrective action is taken

    ●      Implemented

    ●      Feedback was taken for further improvement.

    There are innumerable idea sharing platform available with different features. Companies adopt these modules as per their requirements. Some are developed within the company whereas some are software purchased from outside.

    Idea Sharing Platform That Helps Employees to Be More Creative and Active

    Idea Sharing Platform – E-Ideabox Can the Right Platform to Share Ideas for Business Growth

    If you are looking for the right platform to get idea sharing platform, you will get the right solutions from experts at E-Ideabox – a powerful tool developed by Zaptas Technologies – providing with high-tech data sharing platform to act as a link between top management and shop floor to share their views and ideas – mainly idea sharing platform – solving your queries in right way. Here, you will get innovative ideas that come from creative minds. It is the right platform to evaluate, consolidate and implement innovative ideas for business growth and staff engagement.

    Advantages of Idea Sharing Platform

    There are innumerable benefits of these platform though not confined to these only:-

    ●      Enhanced employee motivation since it creates an environment of healthy competition among employees thereby bringing out the best from each. Some organisations even take this a step further by rewarding the employees with promotions, cash benefits, etc.

    ●      Helps in identifying ways of doing the usual works unusually well thereby creating new processes.

    ●      Helps in improving cohesiveness among different departments.

    ●      It helps the employees to develop a sense of belongingness for the Organisation.

    ●      Lastly improves the overall work culture of the Organisation.

    Idea sharing software are available nowadays which offer specific

    ●      Timelines for each stage.

    ●      Persons who are responsible.

    ●      Plan of implementation.


    E-ideabox is a software developed by Zaptas technologies who happens to have their office in Noida. This tool enables the employees to get connected to their employers through software where the data related to all ideas are stored and assessed and the speed of communication is fast.

    They offer their services to their clients through three packages:-

    ●      Basic- This is valid for 3 months and comes for INR 30,000 + taxes

    ●      Advanced – valid for 6 months and comes with a price tag of INR 55,000 + taxes

    ●      Premium – this is for 1 year and comes for INR 1,00,000 + taxes

    All of these packages come with

    ●      Unlimited users

    ●      Unlimited ideas

    ●      Support time from 9.30- 6 pm (Monday- Friday).

    Process flow of idea sharing

    There are five basic steps followed:-

    ●      Idea generation through customers, employees, community, etc.

    ●      Idea improvement through all of the above-mentioned stakeholders and moderators.

    ●      Idea selection through experts, decision-makers, and reviewers.

    ●      Idea implementation through subcontractors, departmental/ project managers, and development teams leading to product or process development.

    ●      Idea deployment through customers, business partners, and deployment teams which gives feedback for further idea generation

    What E-IdeaBox Does for You?

    E-Ideabox is the right idea sharing platform helps in improving the product, process, service, sales and return on investment of any company, business or organization. It is an ideal platform for manufacturing, trading and service industries – trusted by top organizations, engineering companies, institutes and government bodies. This dynamic platform is used to capture and action the best ideas from employees. It provides you with a number of added features and benefits that will surely enhance your experience.

    The entire process follows a cycle leading to further growth of the organisation.

    With commitment and dedication, E-ideabox has already established and earned recognition in the market by serving companies like Somany, ANG India, Everest, Sociorich, Loriess and lot more. They are slowly and surely gaining market share among other idea sharing platform. Days are not far when they will be one of the most sought-after idea sharing champs in the domain.