About Us..

The E-ideabox is a powerful tool developed by Zaptas Technologies which provides high-tech idea sharing platform to act as a link between top management and shop floor to share their views and ideas.The secret of bringing success into reality is all about an idea that comes into human mind. A good and innovative idea can come from anywhere at any time so share it to get real-time response. The e-ideabox is a platform to evaluate, consolidate & implement innovative ideas for business growth & staff engagement.

How it helps?

It encourages all employees to share new ideas and showing those ideas to other employees can vitalize thinking and help to create collegial competition. The e-Ideabox empowers all the employees to have a sense of belongingness, companionship and responsibility which play a vital role in their motivation and innovation. Eideabox can be used as idea sharing platform, idea management platform, social intranet platform, corporate social network, staff engagement activities and innovative ideas for companies.

Why should use it?

The e-ideabox helps in improving the product, process, services, sales and ROI of an organization. It is very useful for manufacturing, trading and service industries etc. Trusted by well managed organisations, institutes, engineering companies and government organisations everywhere e-ideabox uses to capture and action the best ideas from their employee. Many organizations / institutions have grown substantially by implementing e-ideabox services.