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  • Effective harvest of innovative ideas from employees

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    September 23, 2020

    Innovative business entities know it for a fact that their employees are the keepers of treasured ideas, and if these ideas could be implemented effectively, it would generate great results for the business. Despite possessing excellent ideas, employees often fail to express their ideas openly within the organization, or rather they do not get the right opportunity to do so. This may be due to inefficient corporate infrastructure, or reluctance of these employees owing to numerous factors. So, companies often wonder as to how to collect ideas from employees. As per surveys, it has been identified that although many companies are aware of employee potentials to generate business ideas, they often fail to develop a system to harvest employee ideas successfully. In this regard, business idea sharing platform are the latest inventions that enable effective harvesting of employee ideas and provide a platform for proper expression of their innovative potentials. 

    How do I get employee ideas?

    Employers can capture ideas from their employees by providing them a proper convenient place for sharing ideas within an organization, i.e. a knowledge-sharing platform where employees feel comfortable and inspired to share innovative ideas. Not only do the research and development team, but the idea-sharing platform should be accessible to each one of the employees to empower them to submit ideas. Additionally, managers need to encourage employees to present high-quality ideas openly for further evaluation. 

    How do you collect ideas from a team?

    The most convenient way of collecting innovative ideas from employees is through the electronic medium. You are wondering how to collect ideas from employees, then you must consider developing an idea sharing platform that empowers individuals at all levels of the company to share innovative ideas, and in a way, the company effectively generates ideas for further implementation. A company can collect project ideas from teams by promoting a knowledge-sharing platform such as e-ideabox, developed by Zaptas Technologies, to tap new business ideas from employees. Additionally, it is important for management to provide effective feedback to the team. In absence of a proper feedback system, there will be a gradual decline in the number of entries. Employees tend to respond willingly to feedback, knowing that their new business ideas are being evaluated for future considerations.

    How do you gather ideas?

    Utilizing an idea-sharing platform such as e-ideabox is an effective way of gathering ideas from employees. While the submission of ideas is a proven manner of harvesting employee ideas, more direct approaches may also prove excellent sources of project ideas. Businesses may identify that employees are a source of overwhelming opinions that may have been overlooked by employers and business leaders. Hence, a platform of open discussion is an excellent way of evaluating business ideas as well as effectively engaging employees in internal affairs.

    As employees are key sources of information and new business ideas, innovative companies will likely develop proper systems to get ideas internally. The key intentions of harvesting ideas are providing effective open channels to employees, offering timely feedback, and constantly motivate employees to generate ideas.